Curious about Showit? Here’s Why I Like It.

While I primarily build on WordPress, I have built websites on Showit (at one time this website was built there) and think it’s a great options for some businesses. 

What Exactly Is Showit?

Showit is a drag and drop builder that has its own platform, like Wix or Squarespace. It was originally built for photographers so you’ll see that many of their included templates are much more artistic and beautiful than you’ll find on other platforms. 

I hear a lot of people say the interface is like working in Adobe Illustrator, and I can see that to a point. But, that is only going to be attractive to people that know how to design in Illustrator. It’s actually fun to build on because of the absolute creative freedom and control it gives you ( but that’s a blessing and a curse, in my humble opinion.)

There is definitely a learning curve if you’re new to design and unless you use a really good template that already contains the copy elements and photo blocks you need, you’ll be doing everything from scratch. (Elizabeth McCravy has amazing templates!) 


Pros of building on Showit

      • Drag and drop it like it’s hot. You can plop a picture or shape or text box anywhere on the screen. If you have basic design knowledge this won’t be a problem but if you’re newer you can end up with a hodge podge of stuff on the screen. There is no grid like in WordPress, so even though you have complete freedom it can end up hurting your design if you’re not careful. 

      • Global fonts and styles. You always want a builder that allows you to set these features or else you’re left tweaking every text box, which is a huge time suck. 

      • Speaking of fonts, they have a huge library of included fonts and it’s easy to upload your own.

      • Community. The people that use Showit love it and there are plenty of videos or blogs that help you figure things out.

      • Lots of features. Showit makes it pretty easy to upload photos and graphics, add shapes to photos, animate text or graphics, etc. You definitely have to read the how-to section to figure it all out but it’s there. 

      • The power of WordPress. Showit actually uses WordPress for blogging. While at first glance it seems weird to have two platforms, it works very well. Plus, they will set up your blog for you! Which brings me to the next point…

      • Support. I have never seen tech support as good as Showit’s. It’s a very personalized experience. They have a live chat feature and are super responsive and friendly. It feels like you have your own support team and made me feel much better as I learned the ins and out of the platform!
      • No Plugins to Update. You don’t have to do a thing to keep your Showit site up to date, which to many people is worth it. Just pay your monthly fee and go on your merry way. No plugin or theme updates to worry about.
      • Decent SEO. While there is good SEO optimization opportunity in Showit I still don’t think it’s as strong as WordPress. 

    Cons of building on Showit

        • Pricey templates. There are beautiful templates in the free library but they’re limited, in my opinion. They are definitely geared toward photographers and don’t have a lot of substance. If you want really good templates you have to pay and most designers charge anywhere from $250 to $750+. If you’re determined to DIY I think it’s absolutely worth it to buy a pricey template, but if you’re just tinkering I would stick with the free ones until you get the hang of it (or hire a designer!) 

        • Sometimes clunky. One thing I like about WordPress & Elementor is you have access to so many template blocks, layouts, etc, and they are interchangeable and easy to see and import. With Showit, you can access canvases or bits from other websites but you have to search through the long list of each site and import it. You have to remember the name of the site and look through each page unless you remembered what it looked like. It just takes more time than I’d prefer.
        • Twice the work. While I love that you have complete control over the mobile and desktop views, I do not love having to style both independently. You spend a while getting the desktop all designed then you look at mobile and it’s a jumbled mess. To me it’s defeating to have to then start all over and get the mobile pieces sorted out.


        • Cost. While Showit’s pricing is on par with other builders, you’re still looking at $25ish a month, which can add up. To some businesses it is totally worth it for the peace of mind. Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t have the same maintenance that a WordPress site requires so all you’re worrying with is updating content.


        • Ecommerce limitations. You can integrate it with a Shopify lite plan (I think it’s called something else) but if you’re looking to sell a lot of products you’d be better off on Shopify or WordPress. 

      Who should build on Showit?

      The great news is it really is an amazing platform for anyone. Out of the drag and drop builders Wix, Squarespace, and Showit, I much prefer Showit. 

      Anyone in the creative field will love Showit – photographers, designers, coaches or consultants, hair salons, nail salons, artists, speakers, and podcasters. I do think it’s a strong option to consider for small healthcare businesses like chiropractors, medical aesthetics, or boutique dental practices. 

      Ultimately if you want a beautiful site, with strong blogging, Showit is for you. If you have a lot of products to sell you’ll need to explore something else. 

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